Is OnePlus again cheating in benchmarks?

​Oneplus has always shocked us by obtaining the highest score in benchmarks weather it is antutu or geekbenchmark   a when compared with its rivals with same processor. In February XDA developers caught some OEM including OnePlus for cheating in the benchmark by boosting it’s CPU frequency​ in certain applications but with OnePlus 5 they cheated again?
The latest image of geekbench shows that OnePlus has scored 1963 in single-core performance and 6687 in multi-core performance and obtained the highest position in the benchmark. In single-core performance it’s only behind the iPhone 7 plus and Samsung galaxy s8+ Exynos.

Earlier Samsung galaxy s8 showed that it’s Exynos is better than the Snapdragon version by obtaining higher scores in benchmark but OnePlus 5 has beated the Samsung galaxy s8+ (Exynos).
In comparison the Samsung galaxy s8+ Snapdragon version managed to score 1929 in single-core performance and 6084 in multi-core performance and another Snapdragon 835 device the Sony Xperia XZ premium has managed to score 1943 in single-core and 5824 in multi-core. As the both device also packs Snapdragon 835, the OnePlus 5’s performance is really impressive.
The smartphone is not released yet so we can’t tell whether they are cheating or not but in my opinion it has such higher scores because of its nearly stock skin which is far better then those heavily modified skins such as grace UX in galaxy s8.
The leak has also revealed that the smartphone will run android 7.1.1 with the company’s own oxygen os.

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