5 things you shouldn’t do in android

After buying a new Android phone we all becomes over excited and do wrong things in our new smartphones. Even existing Android users don’t know that they are doing wrong with their Android smartphone. Some mistakes you do can leak your private data to public without your knowledge and sometimes​ hackers can remotely control your android smartphone and do illegal thing behind you. In this list I have listed some things that you shouldn’t do in your Android smartphone.

1.Installing apps from unknown source

Most of us do this just after purchasing a new android smartphone. The reason behind this is most of us use premium internet data so downloading the all apps requires a big amount of data, so we collect the apps from our friends and install them from SD card and by doing this it doesn’t hurt your smartphone. another reason is that most of the paid apps in playstore are available for free on the websites but they are not secure since they are not scanned by google so they can contain malicious code and can steal your data. Installing apps from backup is safe but downloading and installing apps from other websites is not safe.

2.Killing apps from recent apps or using task killer

You might think that closing apps from recent apps or using a task killer to automatically close the applications will increase your device’s performance, but unfortunately this is not true. When you kill apps from recent it completely clears it’s data from ram so when you again open the app it again loads in ram and use CPU to start.

3. Using an antivirus

Android doesn’t requires a antivirus to protect it from virus because android doesn’t give access their system files to edit and most of the viruses​ requires system files to infect unless you are using the extra features provided by an antivirus like device locator… etc.

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4. Using an battery saver

The battery life in android is the problem we always think of and we install various battery saver but it not works like that it only kills apps from background and as I said above killing apps from background affects performance and instead of saving battery it drains more by using CPU.

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5. Ignoring security updates

Google release security updates every month and smartphones manufacturers push them through​ ota updates and we ignore it by thinking that these doesn’t improve anything but it is important that you should install them as they contain important patches that improves your device’s security and not only it contains security patches but also bug fixes that will make your device more stable than before.

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