5 ways to stay protected from wannacry ransomware

Recently​ on Friday 12th may 2017 the global cyberattack called Wannacry has alerted millions of people to the danger of ransomware. Till now ransomware has infected more than 230,000 computer across 150 countries. The countries that are most affected are- India, Russia, Ukraine, and Taiwan and also Britain’s National Health Service ,Spain’s Telefónica, FedEx, Deutsche Bahn, and LATAM Airlines were hit along with many others countries & companies worldwide. It is temporarily stopped by a british IT expert ‘Marcus Hutchins’ but it is not completely stopped, wannacry will be back with a new version of ransomware and who knows that the new version will be fixable or not! So staying alerted is the best idea right now. Let’s check the things you need to follow in order to stay safe from ransomware.


What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid.

How ransomware will affect my computer?

As it is software it cannot enter directly from any website the most computers are affected by viewing an pishing email that contain ransomware and after that it encrypts the whole data of the computer and then the members behind wannacry will demand money from you in order to get decryption key from them, if you don’t pay the demanded money the money will be doubled after 3 days and then after also the payment is not done your whole data will be wiped.

1. Use an external hard drive.

Once get hit by wannacry ransomware you  have very limited options left. Backing up your important files will save your money from getting lost. If your computer was targeted and all the files were encrypted then you can simply format your entire hard disk and install windows once again and copy the files from your backup hard disk. This is the most safest way right now to save your files from ransomware.

2. Install all the updates available on your windows update.

Microsoft releases security updates to fix these types of loop hole by which one can hijack your entire computer even without knowing you or where you are. Most of us ignores security updates even myself also, I never installed any security updates till now but yesterday I installed them all which taken away my 1.4GB data but anyways installing those updates reduced my risk of getting infected by ransomware, so don’t just read and forgot. Install the updates first.

3. Upgrade to windows 10.

The reason why ransomware is so successful is because of running an old version of windows the most ransomware attack has affected those computers who were running an old version of windows. Upgrading to windows 10 will reduce the chances of getting affected by ransomware because Microsoft pushes the latest security updates only to their latest versions of windows only they also releases updates to previous versions also but not frequently.

4.Invest money in a good antivirus.

The first thing I do whenever I clean install windows is installing an antivirus. Installing an antivirus is very important because it scans your pc and informs you about the malware and viruses found on your pc. If you browse internet on your pc the installing an internet security will save you from this types of ransomware which enters directly through internet.

5.Use an anti-ransomware tool

There are so many anti-ransomware tool available in the internet. If your antivirus is not good enough to catch the malware then all you need is an anti-ransomware tool. Recently bit defender team has released their own anti-ransomware tool which is very good as compared to others. Currently they are distributing this tool for free click the link below to download it from their website.


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