Why do android gets slow over time and how to fix it?

One of the biggest issue of android is getting slow day by day. This problem is not limited to android windows, ios or linux also gets slow over time. Let’s see the reason of why android gets slow over time?

Buggy android updates

When an android phone is released its gets android update weather it is security update or full android update. Not all android updates fixes bug but also rises new bug. The main work of android phone manufacturers is to buy parts from different companies and assemble them to make phone and only a small portion of the company works on software department. The original source code is made by google and the all manufacturing companies take the source code and modify them as their taste and put them in their phones, when they push ota updates they fixes bug but also rises new bugs, so whenever new ota updates come always search for reviews of the update in XDA devlopers or your manufacturer’s fourm.

Heavy app updates

Every year manufacturers release new android smartphones with the latest components available in the market. Most app developer optimize their apps according to the latest smartphones. These apps updates is well optimized for the latest smartphones but not well optimized for the old hardware which you might using, so when they run in background with some heavy data it slow downs the device. Before updating always see the new features going to add but if it has no new features then avoid updating it as it consumes more space also slow down the device.

Installing so much apps

Installing so much apps consumes so much space which is also an reason to slow down your device but it not only consumes storage it creates so many files in your ssd that when loading the apps android gets confused which file to load and when to load, thus apps takes more time to load and work. Uninstalling apps only will also not help because it doesn’t removes all the files from your device and those files stays in your device in form of junk files which you have to remove manually. So uninstall the apps you don’t require and only keep those apps you need.

Do factory reset every 6 months

A new android phone is always faster than a 1 year old android phone. Do you know why? It is because a new android phone doesn’t have much apps installed and doesn’t have any files stored in the storage compared to the 1 year old  phone which have so many apps installed that using ram and storage. If any other method doesn’t work doing a factory reset will always help but before doing an factory reset always backup your important data as it will erase all your data.

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