Why android phones overheats and how to fix it?

Heating or overheating of an Android phone is always an issue with it and most users are afraid that overheating will damage their phones. But what is the reason of heating up? There is no one reason why Android phones heats too much or overheating. The heating of an Android phone is completely based on the physics theory that when an particle moves it generate heats and that’s exactly what happens with Android phones also. So let’s see the problems by which it overheats and understand them.

When charging.

Android phones often overheats when charging but this is not limited to Android phones only but also other devices which requires to recharge heats up when charging. The reason behind this is current! Now a days there are most technologies are avaliable that charges our phone quickly but how? By increasing the current or voltage of course but when 12 v or 15v enters at high speed then the voltage controller circuit in our phone will heat up but there is also an another reason of heating, when charging the current is supplied by the charger our phone doesn’t charge the battery directly it lowers the voltage and current it receiving so according to law of physics energy neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be converted, so for example the charger is providing 5v 2a but the phone is charging the battery in 4v 1.5a s what about the other 1v, it is converted to heat energy and your device is heating up!

Running too much apps.

All of us who uses smartphone often runs too many apps in background that continuously uses CPU and ram but when running heavy apps along with other apps that demands a high requirements and all of them are giving heavy load to CPU then the CPU starts to work with its full frequencies and hence it starts to heats up. The simple way to minimize this is closing all the apps and let the smartphone cool itself. Also there are some faulty apps that are not well optimized and heats up the phone.

Buggy Android updates.

Android phone manufacturers doesn’t make the Android software of their own but only modify and adds new features to the Android source code so it is normal that your software will have bugs unless you are using Google pixel which are almost bug free. After releasing an Android phone the manufacturers push so many updates to the phone some of which fixes bugs and some generate new bugs and that exactly what might happened with you also, “yesterday my phone was running fine but today after installing an Android updates the phones has started to overheat” I have seen in so many forums that people are saying like this so if this happened with your device also then wait for some time until your next update comes and if it fix it or no updates come then switching to a custom ROM will be a good idea.

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