Does android really need an antivirus?

Does your android smartphone really need an antivirus? This is the question most people ask. While the answer is yes and no. Most people think that android is based on linux and linux doesn’t get infected by virus so android will not be infected as well. But unfortunately this is totally wrong thinking it is true that basically linux won’t get infected by virus but it is not true that it doesn’t get infected by virus at all. The android or linux doesn’t get infected as windows because they do not provide access to their system files where viruses mainly attack, in windows you can delete/edit all your system files unless it is being used while in android you cannot edit or delete system files at all so you don’t need to worry about that but this is not the end, android doesn’t get infected by system files doesn’t mean that you are 100% safe in this time most of us who owns a smartphone browses internet and attackers take this opportunity to install malicious apps on your smartphone. This might a thing to worry because the malicious apps installed on your smartphone doesn’t provide a icon or user interface and names of these apps is like system apps (eg- systemprovider, storage) so you might not uninstall it by thinking it is a system app and if you uninstall it your system will crash. In this case you will need an antivirus that scans apps and identify it. But if you are a advance user and can identify the apps that is malicious then you don’t an antivirus. I recently purchased the AVG antivirus pro by hopping that it will provide security like the pc version of AVG antivirus but I am totally disappointed.


In play store there is written that it will provide online security but trust me it only scans the play store apps and mark them safe but we already know that all apps in the play store are checked by google and does not contain any malicious code. On the other hand antivirus for android also provides some extra functionality which is use full for you device like online exploitation in real time which tracks your smartphone via GPS and can be helpful if your device is lost, cleaner, app lock, task cleaner, vault etc. You can call it a all in one toolbox.

Do I need to buy an antivirus or use the free one?

In the play store there are various antivirus listed while some are free and some are paid with more or less features but the question is do you really need to buy an antivirus? Answer- No there are also free antivirus like clean master, qihoo 360 provides you the features same as the paid one provides but in cost of ads. So it will be a wisely decision to install a free antivirus then wasting your money on buying paid antivirus which provides the same features as the free one.

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