Arduino vs Raspberry pi. Which is better?

With the rising of technologies so many things were developed and making our lives easy. Arduino and raspberry pi, these are small circuits which is smarter as your computer. These boards are very power efficient and can be run by 5v dc smartphone power adapter. In this article we will see the difference and similarities between Arduino and raspberry pi. At first let have a look at Arduino.



Arduino is an open source electronics project it invests in making Arduino boards. Arduino boards are small micro controllers which is able to read inputs and give output. There are many types of Arduino boards available in the market like Arduino Uno, micro, Nano, mega etc. The UNO board is most commonly used. These different models have different functions and can be use differently. Each boards contains 2 processor 1st for coding and 2nd is the heart of the board, it controls everything.

In order to use Arduino the user needs to program it first, the programing can be done by Arduino IDE which is available for download in its official website and send to the Arduino board through usb. Programing and Arduino doesn’t requires a high level knowledge on programing language. Once you learn the basics of Arduino programing then the possibilities are nearly countless. it can be powered from dc adapter or usb but when powering with dc adapter make sure that the voltage does not exceed 5v or your Arduino board will start frying. The Arduino UNO board contains 14 digital inputs/outputs and 6 analog inputs. Any thing can be connected to the input pins and get the output according to the written code.


Raspberry pi.

Raspberry pi is a small credit card sized computer. It is controlled by a arm cortex processor. As like Arduino it raspberry pi has also different models and have different features in them. Raspberry pi 3 is the mostly used model, it contains a ARM cortex-A53 64bit processor clocked at 1.2Ghz, 1Gb ram and it also contains inbuilt wifi, Bluetooth and one LAN port along with 4 USb port 1 HDMI port , 1 display port, 1 camera port and 1 A/V port. The one thing it doesn’t have is inbuilt storage so the user must use microSD card but looking into its price it is acceptable. To use raspberry pi you must install one operating system into one SD card because without the operating system It doesn’t turns on.

pi top, a raspberry pi powered laptop

Unlike Arduino it cannot be programed to get an desired output from its GPIO pins because of this raspberry pi cannot be implemented to every electronic project. The 40 GPIO pins in the raspberry pi makes it very useful in projects as you can install and use so many sensors through the GPIO pins. If you are thinking that its only a small circuit that is only useful in making projects then you are wrong, this small circuit can replace your big computer CPU.


Which is better?

Both Arduino and raspberry pi are good in their work and it depends on what you want. If you want to make a small minecraft player then raspberry pi is a clear winner here because Arduino doesn’t have a powerful procerssor and graphics output as raspberry pi such like that Arduino can be used as a pure sine wave oscillator but a raspberry pi cannot, but the moment you connect both raspberry pi and Arduino together the possibilities becomes really endless like an internet controlled car or plane.

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