Best android emulators for Pc/Mac/Linux

There are various purposes you might want to use android emulator on your pc. Some want to play android games with keyboard and mouse, some might want to use android apps like whatsapp on pc. There are also several android emulators available for android but not all are same some provides good stability but worst performance, some provides good performance but isn’t much stable or some provides both equally. So we have created a list of android emulators considering their performance and stability. So let’s start.

Update: Jide Remix os play has been discontinued as the company is shutting down the project.

1. Jide Remix OS player.

After getting successful with their Remix OS, which is an android based operating system made to work with intel based PCs. Remix os player is also like the remix os, the only difference is that remix OS is designed to run independently on intel based PCs where remix OS player is designed to run under windows environment. Remix OS player runs android marshmallow so you can run most of the apps available for android. As compared to other emulators its performance is very good as well as it offers good stability. It also includes gamming features for those who want to play game on it.

Download Remix OS

2. Android studio.

The google developed android studio comes second on my list. Google developed android studio for developers to develop android apps, on android studio not only you can develop android applications but also can test the app or run any android app on their virtual android images, but running android applications on virtual studio is bit complicated and not suitable for everyday use. It always runs the latest version of android however if you want you can also emulate an old version of android. I have listed i here because as it is made by google and it offers good stability and very good performance. The android images it emulates are the stock images that are found in nexus and pixel devices.

Download Android studio

3. AmiduOS.

AmiuOS is an paid android emulator, it is available in two different android versions lollipop and jelly bean with two different price tag. The lollipop version cost $15 whereas the jelly bean version cost $10 dollar. The performance it provides is very good and can run multiple apps without much problems. It is also suitable for gamming but it doesn’t provide an gamming features like remix os player. The main focus and features of this emulator is productivity so it will be good for work or school but not for heavy uses.

Download AmiduO

4. Arc welder.

It is not a standalone exe file it is a chrome app that works under chrome. To install it you must install chrome and then by searching in google as ‘Arc welder’ and then opening the chrome app store link you can install it or press the install button below, because for some unknown reason it is not visible when searched directly in chrome web store. As like the downloading process, running an apk file is also complicated you have to first load the apk you want to open and then click run. Unlike other emulators you have to select apk everytime you open it and after closing the arc welder it will erase all the data.

Download ARC welder

5. Bluestacks.

It is a well known android emulator. When I first heard that there is one app that can run android apps on pc is bluestacks. Bluestacks is far behind from the latest android version as it is still based on android kitkat. The performance of bluestacks is not good it sometimes lags when playing small games or running multiple apps. If you want to use apps like whatsapp or do some small work then it should be good. Another thing I didn’t like about it is bloatware, it installs so much bloatware once you connect it to the internet without informing you.

Download bluestacks

6. Nox app player.

Nox app player is a newly developed android emulator, it is truly developed for gamming you can run any game on it. The performance level it offers is very good but just like bluestacks it is also based on android 4.4.2 kitkat. As it is amid at playing games it has gamming features as well as other features such as one click hide/show root, specify cpu frequency and amount of ram. So if you are searching for android emulator for playing games then you should try this.

Download Nox app player

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