Best camera apps for android 2017

Cameras in android phone has always been in concern. Except the high-end phones, other phone’s cameras are not working well some are capturing low detail, some photos are very dull. But whose fault is this? sometimes the fault is of your camera, your low-end camera struggles to get details, colours etc. even in daylight also which doesn’t have any way to unless you replace it but sometimes your camera app is faulty which is not well optimize for your phones camera and the only fix is that you install a third party camera app. In this article below I have listed the best camera apps of 2017 which have very good features and also click very good photos.

1. Manual camera.

Manual camera offers various functionality which includes DNG, manual exposure, manual ISO, manual focus. It is an must have camera app for those who have camera2 api implemented on their phone but the stock camera app doesn’t support it. The feature I most liked is its DNG capture which gives you full functionality over your photos, you can edit them as you like and later process them. The final image processed from an DNG looks very good as compared to normal jpeg image.
Link- Download

2. Camera 360 ultimate.

Camera 360 is an combo pack of camera and photo editor. Earlier it was only an camera app but now the photo editor is also included. It is a very good camera app for selfie lovers as it includes so many filters and features such as slim mode, beauty mode eyes enlarge etc. it includes all the features that should be in an selfie camera. The internal photo editor is also very good and you don’t require to download any external photo editor.
Link- Download

3. Snapdragon camera

The snapdragon camera is not available in the play store. I have included it in this list because the photos captured by this camera are great and better than stock camera. It doesn’t include any manual mode but It does include some useful features such as manual saturation level, denoise, manual Iso etc. the denoise feature is really useful in night because it reduces the noise in photos, which is the main problem in most of the phones. But the main problem is that you have to search in the internet for an working apk because all the versions of the app doesn’t work with all android versions.

4. Camera fv-5

Camera fv-5 is an another manual feature packed professional camera app. The app bring some of the DSLR grade controls to your phone. It also has the ability to capture DNG. This app fully supports the camera2 api of android lollipop. The features it includes is manual focus, DSLR viewfinder, manual ISO and so on. This is an must have camera app if you want a professional camera just in your pocket. Camera fv-5 is an paid app but there is also an free version available so at first install the free version and if you liked it then purchase the full version.
Link- Download

5. Google camera.

Google camera is an simple app with a very simple user interface. It comes preloaded with the nexus and pixel series phones. It doesn’t offer much functionality but it does offers some really cool features such as HDR+, photosphere, panorama. As it is a stock like camera it also offers video recording and while recording video you can also shoot photo.
Link- Download

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