Top 5 custom rom for android

Android is the most used operating system in the world. It is used by millions of users 
Best custom rom for android. It is available in an wide range of price, designs and features. Unlike Iphone android is open source, everyone can modify it even you also with coding knowledge most of the smartphone manufacturing companies take the source code from goole and modify it according to their taste and ships it with their smatphones. it is very difficult to find a smartphone which has the specs you need at a budget but the software of the phone is crap, in these cases most people think of installing a custom rom which is a good idea but not always. in this article i have written the top 10 best custom roms and their features.

1. Resurrection Remix.

Most people think that lineaqe os is the best custom rom but this is half true and half wrong. Lineage os is provides stability and good performance but it doesnt have great customization, resurrection remix is also based on lineage os but it provides good amount of customization as well as stability and performance. it provides all the features that lineage os provides with some extra useful features.

2. Aokp.

Antother lineage os based rom but very good rom in terms of features and stability. It was gone for sometimes after android 4.2 released but now it has returned with android nougat. it provides a bloat free ui and is very light weight. it come in the 2nd positon because it is very stable and performance is also very good.


Unlike other custom roms like lineage os, resurrection remix and pac rom. Miui is very unique rom developed by Xiaomi for their smartphones but it is also available for so many other phones. It doesn’t have stock like UI, it is completely different from Google aosp. If you are an apple fan then you will definitely like this because it doesn’t have an app drawer like iOS and also while using miui it feels more iOS than android. Also have good and useful features like inbuilt app lock, dual apps, dual space. So if you are looking for a custom ROM with good features and different look then directly go for this ROM.

4.lineage os

Lineage os is continuation of CyanogenMod project which is now officially dead. CyanogenMod was the first custom ROM released for android and now after it’s dead it is now continued by lineage os with almost same features except cm theme engine. It provides very fluid smooth UI and very good performance with UI tweaks. It is the mostly used custom ROM till now. If you till now haven’t tried it then you definitely give it a try.


AOSP stands for android open source project originally developed and maintained by google itself. Althrough it is not an custom rom but it is also customary build by individual or group of developers. It is very stable as it is based on the original source code by google. It is also very secure than other custom roms

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