Best free Evernote alternatives to use

Are you searching for best Evernote alternatives for taking notes? Then your search ends here. In this article, we will show you the best alternatives for Evernote available in the market.

There is no doubt that Evernote is a great note-taking app but it has some limitation like sync limitation, and that’s why you are here finding its alternatives. No worries! We got you covered all you need.

1. Microsoft OneNote.

evernote alternatives onenote

OneNote by Microsoft is a very good cross-platform note-taking app. Its free, available for macOs, windows, iOS and Android. This is the first app I installed after leaving Evernote. It packs almost all functionality that Evernote has beside notes taking. It offers unlimited storage for your notes and docs which is very good if you have a lot of docs to store but sadly it doesn’t offer any file upload option. The features include saving all kind of notes like voice, text, sketches etc., merger notes into pages and notebook. If you are an everyday user of Microsoft office then it would be great as you will able to access all your docs and notes together. I would say OneNote is perfect for you if you are searching for Evernote replica with same features. One thing I didn’t like about it is its usability. After installing the app, it took me 5 min to figure out where and how to create a note. It’s not very complex to use it but if you are a first time user, you can get a bit confused.

Download OneNote

2. Zoho Notebook


evernote alternatives-zoho

This app is brought to you by Zoho, a company that provides various services for businesses. This app is available for macOs, iOS and Android, it is also available as a web app so you can access it on almost every platform. Probably this one of the best Evernote alternative you can find. It does provide most of the features of Evernote like making a checklist, notebooks, taking pictures, recording voice, creating sketches and uploading files. It also provides an option to migrate from Evernote, which is very useful and time-saving as it migrates all your docs in just one click. Currently, I am using this app as my daily driver and very satisfied with it. It is very worth to give it a try.

Download notebook

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3. Google keep.

evernote alternatives -keep

Google keep is also a great option when it comes to taking notes. It is a free cross-platform app available for iOS and Android, but Windows and Mac users can also use it via its chrome extension available to install at chrome web store. It is very simple and very easy to use. The notes are organised in a very clean way making it easier to find. Unlike Microsoft OneNote this app is very easy to use, just open it and tap the bottom bar and write your note, that’s it. Now when it comes to features, it lacks some of the options that OneNote and Evernote provide like creating tables, making notebooks etc. However it does provides the basic features like creating voice records, saving pictures, making checklist etc. It also provides 15GB of storage which is way better than what Evernote provides in its free plan and also you get file upload option here with a maximum of 10mb limit. These are just enough if you are just like me and use this kind of apps just for taking text notes.

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4. Simplenote

Just as its name suggests it is a cross-platform simple note-taking app available for windows, mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It is a free app so no subscription is required, just sign up and start storing your notes. The features include unlimited storage, tags, instant search and quick restore. My most loving feature of this app is Quick restore, it tracks your changes and allows you to restore your document to any change. The unlimited storage it provides is only for text notes means there is no file upload option and also you cannot store photo and voice docs. The text editor is also simple, you don’t get any feature like creating tables, tabs like Evernote or OneNote provides. If you are a Linux user then it can be useful for you because none of the apps here except this provides dedicated Linux app.

Download Simplenote


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5. Dropbox paper.

As you all know dropbox provides online storage services but despite that, it also provides note-taking services. Dropbox provides two plan one for personal and other for business, the personal plan is free to use but if you want it for your business or simply more storage then you can look into their plans. It does have apps for Android and iOS but in case you want to open it on pc or mac you have to use the web version. The UI is clean and very beautiful. When it comes to features it supports import of docs from Dropbox, creating checklist, uploading images, adding codes and creating tables. As you see it packs so many features but the reason I kept it at last is because it lacks app support for mac and windows, which makes it little lengthy to use in computer.

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Are you using any other note-taking app? let me know in the comments

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