Best ways to save battery on android

Now a days our smartphones plays an important role in our life and has become a part of it. Many people who went to shops to buy a new android phone always asks “what is the battery capacity of this phone?” because this is what really matters. Without a battery our smartphones are nothing! We can’t do anything without it. Battery life now a days is a big issue, I met some people who says me that their SOT(screen on time) is only 3-4 hours, is this the exact problem with you also? Is this your battery’s fault? The simple answer is NO, not always the problem might be in your os update your recently installed or you are doing something wrong with your android. In case the problem not because of OS update not faulty battery then these tricks will surely help you.

  1. Use social apps that you really need

The one mistake most of us do is installing more and more social apps. These apps are recognised as one of the most battery eating apps, they constantly run on background and eats battery. Only keep those social apps you really use. If you use only whatsapp then keep only whatsapp, why to keep facebook if you don’t even use it. Uninstalling these apps will save your battery from getting drain faster.

  1. Keep cleaning your recent apps

When we open some app then leave the app by simply tapping the home button the app keeps running on background using you cpu and ram which results in battery draining. But don’t worry cleaning recent apps will not affect social apps you will continue to get notification from these apps.

  1. Do not install any battery saving apps

Battery saving apps in play store are very common but they don’t work while they consumes your battery rather than saving your battery. These battery savers usually monitor apps that’s are running and notify you to stop them. But you can do the same through your settings also so why keep an battery saver which eats battery!

  1. Use android’s inbuilt battery saver


From android lollipop onwards android features an inbuilt battery saver which is very effective and can be very helpful when your battery is running low. It basically limits background activity and disables the system animations and lowers the device performance. This might annoying for people who owns a low-end smartphone or those whose smartphone is already slow.

  1. Turn off data,wifi, and gps

You don’t need to be online 24×7. When you use 4g on your smartphone it drains battery very quickly compared to wifi so turn it off when you don’t need it. Wifi and gps doesn’t consume very much battery but when your battery is running low it will be a good idea to turn it off when you don’t need it

  1. Calibrate your battery

Your android device battery data may get misconfigured after so many recharge cycle. Calibrating your battery will reset its data. To calibrate your battery simply recharge from 0 to 100 then discharge it completely, again recharge it to 100% discharge it again to 0. Congrats your battery data has been calibrated.

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