How to create bootable USB of macOS high sierra on windows.

In addition to macOS apple has released macOS high sierra recently. High Sierra is the successor of macOS sierra. With its, every release apple updates macOS with new features, new design, better security, more stability and better performance. From the time of its launch, it is apple exclusive means it cannot be officially installed on any non-apple hardware, because of this reason installing macOS on PC was never an easy job. In this article, I will show how to create a bootable USB of macOS high sierra on windows 10. As per bootable USB of macOS should be created on a real Mac but it can also be created on windows using a tool called Transmac. So let’s get started!

Step 1. Downloading the required files.

Download the macOS high sierra DMG file from this link.

Download Transmac from their official website or direct download from here.

Step 2. Installing Transmac.

Transmac Setup

After downloading the setup.exe double-click it to open and follow the procedure displayed in the setup to install.

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Step 3. Making the bootable USB drive.


In order to make bootable USB of macOS high Sierra, you will need an 8gb or higher USB 2.0 USB drive, USB 3.0 will also work but likely to cause problems while installing the OS.

1. Insert the USB drive into your computer and open the transmac app as administrator, then right click on the USB drive and click Format Disk for Mac.

It will now format the drive and the data inside the drive will be lost, so before formatting it make sure that you backup all the data to a separate drive.

2. After the format is done again right click the USB drive and click Restore with Disk Image.

Now click the three dot beside select file and select the macOS high sierra dmg file that you have downloaded earlier and click OK. Now it’s time to sit back and relax because it will take some time to complete.

3. After the progress bar is finished, your bootable USB of macOS high sierra is ready.

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Step 4. Installing macOS high sierra.

Plugin the bootable USB drive that you have just created and reboot. When you see your manufacturer logo press F2 or bios key for your PC to boot into bios, then turn off the virtualization and secure boot, change boot option from legacy to UEFI and you are done with bios now save and exit.

Now again your PC will restart this time press F12 to load boot menu and select your USB drive from the menu. The clover menu will load and after that select the “install macOS” drive.

Note: After the USB drive is formatted as mac or the dmg is restored successfully windows will give you an alert to format the drive due to incompatible file-system, but don’t click format otherwise you have to start over again.


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6 thoughts on “How to create bootable USB of macOS high sierra on windows.

    • You can but I highly recommend you to use an official method. Since clover is not required with official macbooks and if your macbook is bricked you can use recovery to install macOS.

    • It should show up. In case it is not showing you can refomat the USB with 2 partition one with 200mb for clover and rest of it for macOS. If you need help be sure to comment here

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