Download Google camera mod for Android 6.0+ (Updated August 2018)

The pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl released last year by Google has an impressive camera and a very good AI-powered portrait mode, which makes the Google pixel 2 shine. After Apple released iPhone 7 plus with dual camera setup in late 2016 most of the big players in the smartphone market decided to move to dual camera setup, whereas Google decided to stick to a single camera. But with a dxomark score of 98, Google has surpassed all the devices released in 2017 and has shown what single camera is capable of.
In pixel 2 Google has released another feature called HDR+, it is improved or more advanced version of HDR. The low light images are greatly improved with very less noise when clicked using HDR+.

Thanks to our developers community, the HDR+ and portrait mode in google pixel 2 doesn’t remain exclusive for very long. Developers have ported the google camera to other smartphones running Snapdragon processor. Means now you can enjoy portrait mode and HDR+ and improve your camera quality without buying a new smartphone.

To use the google camera port your smartphone must have enabled camera2 API otherwise the app will not work. To check whether your smartphone supports camera2 API or not, you can simply download this app and run the check. If all the options are green ticked then your device is capable of running the google camera port but if all the options are red cross then it is disabled but the good news is that you can enable the camera2 API via root.

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To enable camera2 API follow 1 of the following methods below.

Method 1. Use a magisk module to enable camera2 api.

If you use magisk on your smartphone to install root systemlessly then enabling camera2 API is very easy. At first download the magisk module from here, then open magisk manager and flash it through modules tab and then click Restart.

Method 2. By editing build.prop

A rooted device with Android version lollipop or above.

Step 1. Install Es file explorer from play store.

Step 2. Open Es file explorer and pull the left sidebar

Step 3. Scroll down and toggle the root explorer option, now it will prompt for root access, grant it.

Step 4. Open internal storage and move to root.

Step 5. Open system folder and then build.prop file

Step 6. The add this line at the bottom:-

Step 7. Save it and restart. Done!

Download google camera mod

Below we have listed three recommended files with their recommended settings.

For Android nougat+

1. Arnova’s pixel2mod v8.1 stable

It is based on BSG’s google camera mod 5.2 but Arnova modified it to give a pixel 2 like experience and fixed the bugs that are found in BSG’s port. The settings are minified then that of BSG’s mod and can be used directly without touching any settings but we suggest you to use the following settings to get a stable experience:

Update: below settings are not required with this version.

Auto-exposure mode: Auto
Config camera HDR+: nexus 6p (pixel 2017 zsl HDR+ can be used but low light picture quality will be little less)
Improved sharpness: On
HDR+ image quality: 100%
Improve in low light: Off (it makes the output image greenish)

Direct Download


2. BSG’s MGC 5.2.022

It is ported by BSG and it is based on Google camera 5.2.022, This app is not like Arnova’s pixel2mod and it does require to setup correctly and ignore bugs and glitches. Use the provided settings bellow in order to prevent bugs and glitches.

Model: Nexus 6p or nexus 5x
HDR+ parameters: Very high (increases processing time but increases picture quality in low light)
Final jpg quality HDR+: 100%
Portrait mode on all models: On
Increase the detail of the HDR+ in the front camera: On

Direct Download

For android marshmallow+

3. BSG’s MGCB v4.0.

It is ported by BSG for android marshmallow users. It is based on Google camera 3.2. BSG has added some features such as hdr+ and portrait mode on this mod. This google camera mod apk can be used on any camera2 API supported android marshmallow+ device. The stable suggested settings are bellow.

Model: Nexus 6p (Pixel2XL can be used but nexus 6p takes more detailed images)
Config camera HDR+: Nexus 6 auto
HDR+ parameters: very high (increases processing time but increases picture quality in low light)
To enable HDR+ UI button: Settings > advanced > HDR+ control.

Direct Download


The credits for all these google camera mod goes to BSG and Arnova. We should thank them for their hard work and support.

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