How to edit apk without pc

In the play store there are thousands of android apps. There are so many android users that want to modify apk files but don’t have any pc and due to this they can’t make it happen and unfortunately I am one of them also. One day while searching in the play store I found some apps that are capable of editing apk without any coding knowledge. In this tutorial we will use 2 tool for editing apk one is apktool and the other is apkeditor. Apktool is advance and can decompile the whole apk but in apk editor you can only edit files but there is no need to extract the apk.


Method 1: Apktool


  1. Download the apk tool from here and install it, however it is an large app of about 140 – 160MB make sure that you have enough space left on your device.
  2. Open the apk and head over to the apk location that you want to edit.
  3. Select the apk file and press decompile and wait for it to complete it will take some minutes depending on the size of the app
  4. Go to the edit location and edit the files you want. If you want to edit only image files then please consider the 2nd
  5. After completing the editing tap the decompiled folder and select recompile.
  6. You have successfully edited the apk without PC.

Method 2: Apk editor.

Note: in this tutorial I will only change the icon but you can edit whatever you want.


  1. Go to google play store and search for apk editor.
  2. Install the free version from there.
  3. Open the apk editor app and search for the app you want to edit and if it is a system app then tap the 3 dot in the upper corner and switch to system apps.
  4. On selecting the app a pop up will appear and select one of those:-
  • Full edit:- it gives you the ability to edit the whole files including manifest.
  • Simple edit:- it is only for editing or adding/replacing files.
  • Common edit:- use this if you want to change only the name.
  1. I would select simple edit as I will only change the app icon.
  2. Open the res folder and search for mipmap-xxxx folder or drawable-xxhdpi and tap the replace button on the icon.
  3. Select the icon you want to replace with and click save after it is done.
  4. Now install and test the apk.

*however if some apps do not work or corrupts then you should use PC for editing those apps.


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