How to highly compress files: A detailed guide

Compression is widely used in all over the internet. Compression saves bandwidth, time and allows us to store more data using less disk space. In this article, I will show you how to highly compress files. But before moving to it we should learn how compression actually works.

So how compression works?

At basic, compression works by combining any repeated data into a shorter form. There are two types of compression one is Lossless compression and another is lossy compression.

Lossless compression.

Lossless compression works by combining any repeated data into a shorter form. All the file compression programs like winrar or winzip use this compression method to compress files.

All the files or most of the files we have in our computer have repeated data means in a file the letter “f” may be repeated many times like “ffffffffff” or letters ‘lf’ is repeated many times like ‘llllllffffff’ so what a compressor does is combines these letters into ‘f10’ ‘l6f6’, where 6 is the number of times the letter is repeated. These repeated data is only in combined when compressed in an archive like rar or zip and reverts into its original form as soon as you extract it. In this compression method no data is lost, hence the name is ‘lossless’.

Besides these commonly used methods like rar or zip, images can also be compressed using lossless compression. In image compression, the image doesn’t get converted into a rar or zip file but instead, it remains same as jpeg or png but the image size is reduced. Unlike rar or zip images can be compressed using lossy methods, we will discuss it later.

Lossy compression.

As you can see above that lossless compression works by combining repeated data into shorter or smaller form. In lossy compression, some data is removed from the file in order to reduce the size of it. As I said before images can be compressed using the lossless method or lossy method while compressing via lossy method the quality of the picture will depend upon the percentage of you have chosen while optimizing.

how to highly compress files

Mp3 is also a lossy compressed file. The original recorded music is big in size so they are lossy compressed into mp3. The quality of mp3 is determined by the bitrate like 32kbps, 192kpbs, 320kbps etc. the higher the bitrate the higher the quality.

As you can see that in lossy compression the size is greatly reduced but some data is removed from the file. So this compression method is not applicable in any other files like games because if some data is removed then the whole game will be corrupted.

Now let’s see how to highly compress files.

By reading the above content you got a far better idea of how this stuff works. And also understood that highly compressing games from 5gb to 5mb doesn’t work because in games there is much less repeated data than that if any other files. But for other files with a bunch of repeated data can be compressed into very small size like 2GB to 100kb or 300mb to 16kb etc. Now let’s see how to do this.

For this example, I have created to text files one of 285MB and another of 278MB. The first text file contains only ‘f’ character and it is repeated million times to make the file size big, the second one contains random character including numbers and it is also repeated million times to increase the file size.


Now I have compressed both of the files using Winrar in best compression settings. As you can see in the image below the size of the archives is 16kb and 18kb, which is very less as compared to its initial size of 285mb and 278mb.

You can also see that the size of the archive that contains only f text file is less than that of the one which contains random character text file.

Just like this, any other file with so many repeated data can be compressed intoa small size but those games found in the internet with ultra-low size like 5GB to 5mb are fake. They don’t work and is a waste of time.

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