How to bypass android lock screen

It is very common to forget our phone’s lock screen password. These cases of ‘forgetting password’ is increasing because in today almost every android phone whether it is budget or high range packs a fingerprint sensor, so we rarely need to enter our phones password because if we can unlock our phone with our finger then who will enter the password. In this article, I will show you 6 ways you can bypass your android lock screen.

How to bypass android lock screen

Method 1. Use google find my device to quickly unlock your device.

From android lollipop onwards google made compulsory for device manufacturers to ship their smartphones with Google device manager by default. By this Google has moved a step forward to make android’s security tight so if your phone is stolen or lost you can erase, lock and locate it remotely. The interesting fact is that it can be used to unlock your locked device. To do so, you just have to visit Google find my device website and sign in with your Google ID after that you will get a control panel with lock, erase, locate and ring option. Click on lock, give a password and your device will be locked with your given password.

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Method 2. Use twrp to remove the lock. (rooted devices only)

This method is exclusively for rooted devices with twrp recovery only. TWRP is a multifunctional recovery, unlike stock recovery, it provides features such as install img and zip files, adb through recovery, file manager, partition mounter etc. Here in this method, we will use the file manager to delete the lock screen database files to remove the lock-screen.
Step 1. Reboot to twrp.
Step 2. Go to advance > file manager > data
Step 3. Delete lockscreen.db, gesture.key and reboot.

Method 3. Use ADB to remove the lock. (Rooted and non-rooted)

This method is similar to the previous method with little difference. Here we will use Pc to remove the lock screen files instead of TWRP recovery. Root permission is required on android version above 5.0 and will work without root on android version below 5.0 but requires USB debugging to be enabled in order to remove the lock screen files otherwise it will not work even if your phone is rooted.
Step 1. Download ADB driver from here and install it.
Step 2. Connect your phone to pc after the installation is finished but make sure that you don’t connect the phone during installation or the installation will stop.
Step 3. Tap the windows key on your keyboard and type ‘cmd’ and in cmd type ‘adb devices’ it will show the connected adb devices, if it is blank then most probably the driver is misconfigured and you need to reinstall it.
Step 4. After your device is successfully connected type this command ‘adb cd /data/system/’ after that type these two commands one by one ‘adb rm locksettings.db’ ‘adb rm gesture.key’
Step 5. Reboot your device. Done.

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Method 4. Make the lock screen malfunction and crash. (only works on lollipop)

Here in this method, we will take help of an Android bug to crash the lock screen. The bug is present in android lollipop that crashes the lock screen if the password box gets flooded with so many characters. The error is fixed in marshmallow, means this will only work on android lollipop. So to crash the lock screen first of all open the emergency dialer which is present below in the password screen. Tap the start button till you get 10 stars in the dial pad. Now long press the stars and copy them and paste into the password box, repeat this step 6-7 times, now we have enough stars in the password box to crash the lock screen. Tap the ok button, then the lock screen will malfunction and will open the camera app after a short period of time the camera app will also crash eventually landing taking you directly to the home screen. Your lock screen is cracked, but keep in mind that if you press the lock button the lock screen will be back.

Method 5. Using safe mode to disable any 3rd party screen lock.

Safe mode is introduced in android lollipop to debug software problem. When safe mode is enabled all the 3rd party apps are disabled, to check whether any application is causing the problem or not. If you are using any 3rd part lock screen app then through this method you can disable it. To do so, all you need is to hold the power button till the power menu comes up and then long press the power off option, then a pop up will occur to confirm that you want to go to safe mode, click ok on that. That’s it, your device will now reboot into safe mode and you can uninstall the lock screen app from setting.

Method 6. Factory reset to erase the lock screen.

This is the last method in this list. If all the above-listed methods didn’t work then the only way to unlock your phone is through performing a factory reset. But only try this method if any method didn’t work because after performing a factory reset all your data including photos, files, videos will be erased. Now to proceed, follow the steps:
Step 1. Download fastboot driver from here and install it.
Step 2. Turn off the phone.
Step 3. Hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously to enter fastboot mode. The key combination may be different for your phone, search on google for the key combination.
Step 4. Connect your phone to the pc.
Step 5. Click the windows key on keyboard and type cmd. And in cmd type cd c:/adb/ and fastboot erase data.

Step 6. Your data is erased completely, now start your phone. In the first start it may take some time to boot.


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