How to Dual boot android devices

As like of windows many of us think that if there was also dual booting available on android so that we can load multiple roms of our choice. But practically it is not a good idea and we wont get much benefit from it because as in pc there are lots of operating system available and can be multiboot but in android devices there is only fewer operating system available such as linux, android and sailfish OS but linux and sailfish OS is not available for all the devices so what’s remains? Android! So you are already running android then why dual boot? It doesn’t make any sense of dual booting android but it is really helpful if you want to try different custom roms without starting over. I have written this guide for those who want to try different roms without wiping the current or want to dual boot for any reason.
This guide contains two different methods of dual booting. Try 1st method first and if not working then try 2nd one.

Note:- both method listed below requires Root and TWRP installed on your device

1st Method:- Multirom recovery

Multirom recovery is a twrp based recovery with multirom code imbedded in it. It is not available for every device. To find if your device has multirom recovery type multirom recovery for *device name* or you can install multirom app from play store and find there, if you are unable to find any multirom recovery then you can request developers to port one for your device or port yourself. As it is an old project and the twrp version is low you might experience some issues while installing latest the version of android.

 Installing and configuring multirom recovery.

1. Download multirom recovery image for your device.
2. Reboot to TWRP.
3. Click on install and then select install image.
4. Select the multirom recovery image that you downloaded and click install then reboot to TWRP again.

You have successfully install multirom recovery on your android device and now you can dual boot.

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2nd method:- Dual boot patcher

Unlike miltirom recovery Dual boot patcher is an application and can be downloaded from their official webpage. Officially it supports 215 devices currently and also can be patched to other devices unofficially. It is latest and doesn’t cause any problem with latest android versions, as the multirom recovery does. The disability of dual boot patcher is that it doesn’t support boot ui in all devices means that you have to switch rom through the app.

Download Dual boot patcher(official)- link

The devices currently it supports is link

Installing and configuring Dual rom patcher.

  1. At first download it from here and then install it.
  2. After installing open it and then it will prompt for root access.
  3. Now it will install mbtool to your kernel and then it is done.
  4. Installing dual rom.
  5. After it is configured fully then you can simply go to patch file tab and patch the rom you want to install.
  6. If patching is finished then you can move further and install the patched file from Roms tab.

Note:- Dual booting multiple roms in one device requires so much of free space because it will create different data partition each time you install a rom and multi booting is not recomended on devices with storage less than 32GB.

if you found any difficulty or encounter some error then post it in comments

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