How to improve gameplay on any Intel HD graphics

Nowadays Pc games are demanding very high graphics cards to run smoothly at 50-90 FPS. All the high end graphics cards are very expensive and they are only available for desktop. Most of us considering buying a laptop due to its portability and also some gamers who want to play modern games but can’t afford a high end pc or laptop and most mid-range laptops comes with intel HD graphics which is an integrated graphics and can hardly run any modern games at a playable FPS even if you lower the game resolution, In this article I have listed 3 ways to improve your gameplay by tweaking your driver setting and some in-game setting.


1. Upgrade your existing windows to the latest windows 10 creators update.

Running a laptop with Intel HD graphics and an old version of windows might affects your gameplay because Intel always releases their latest drivers to the latest version of windows only, So running by an old version of windows you will miss their newer optimized drivers and in gamming comparing with windows 8.1 windows 10 can give you a little FPS Increase . Microsoft has also added gaming mode in windows 10 creators update by which you can get a decent fps boost, In my case my FPS increased from 25 to 31 in Farcry 4 running on Intel HD 4400

2. Update your drivers when available.

Gamming in Intel HD graphics might not be a good idea but in order to run latest games even in low setting and resolution you need to update your graphics driver whenever new updates comes because Intel HD graphics are not meant for gamming, however the latest driver released by intel are well optimized for the latest games it means that you can run those latest games in low settings but don’t expect to get very high performance by updating your drivers.

3. Manually changing your graphics settings.

The another reason for games running slow on is your computer graphics settings is not well optimized for gamming. Follow the steps written below in order to get maximum performance from your computer:-

• Open your graphics settings by right clicking the desktop and then select graphics properties.

• Now select 3D and change the following:- 1.Application optimal mode- enable

2. Multi-sample Anti-aliasing- Turn off

3. Conservative Morphological Anti-aliasing- Over application settings

4. General settings- Performance and save.

5. Head to power options and select maximum performance, save and exit.

Finally now it’s time to test the game and see how well its run as compared to earlier.

Note:- Do not use any fps counter because they affects performance.

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