How to improve the quality of photos that are taken from your phone.

As I said in many articles smartphones are replacing so many things of ours, even the camera also. But the bitter truth is not all the phone’s cameras are equal they vary in qualities. The cameras in mid-range and low-range smartphones are like average and doesn’t have much potential to replace your primary camera. They are average but not cant improvable. Follow the things written on this guide and apply them on your phone and enjoy an improved camera.

Don’t use flash

When clicking pictures with flash the photos doesn’t looks good due to improper lightning. Instead if it use your manual camera feature in your phone if you have some light where you want to shoot photos and then enhance the value of exposure time then click the picture and see the results. If you don’t have manual camera feature enabled on your phone then all you need is a good artificial lightning area where you should have sufficient light to click pictures without flash. In my opinion clicking pictures in night is always an bad idea smartphone cameras always suffers in night so instead of night click pictures in day light.

Use manual mode

Manual mode

If you can master the manual mode then photos taken from your phone are going to be insane. Manual mode is a great feature first implemented in android lollipop as camera2 API. The manual mode offers various camera settings that are not available in normal camera app. If your phone doesn’t have manual mode implemented on it then you can try the bacon camera app from play store the app author claims that you can use full manual camera controls through the app but I have not tested it since my phone has already manual mode implemented on it. Photos in day light will be same as normal mode but when photos are clicked In dark then lowering the ISO and enhancing the Exposure time will results in a very good picture with decent amount of light on it.

Always use the stock camera app

There are various camera apps available on the play store and there is also written in the apps description that it increases the quality of the photos but most of them are fake. Instead of them using the stock camera app that came with your phone will be a good idea because the stock camera app is well optimized for your phone than any other camera app available on the play store.

Capture in DNG

JPEG vs DNG. Pc-

Dng is a format used to store raw camera details. They are Digital negatives which have all the details stored that your camera captures. It is really good then the auto processed jpeg from your phone since you can manually edit all the properties of the photo as you like, the output result is very good as compare to auto processed JPEG and also the quality of the photo also increases. But the problem is not all the phones have the feature to capture in DNG format.

Avoid zooming

Always kept in mind that increasing something will also decrease something. One of the most mistakes we make is zooming while taking the picture but it really costs the picture quality. Instead of zooming then capturing capture the photo first then zoom it and crop it at least you will have the original best copy with you.

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