How to increase graphics memory of any Intel HD graphics

Intel HD graphics is an integrated graphics which is not meant for playing games. Most budget laptops or desktops comes with intel hd graphics so there are so many people who want to play games but their options limited because of intel HD graphics. Today intel HD graphics are powerful enough to play the latest games at low settings and increasing the graphics memory will result in improvements in gameplay and also the old ones like intel HD 4000 who struggles to run the games that are recently released will able to run the game smoothly, if not smoothly the games will at least run those were not running previously. So if you are running intel HD graphics you are not out of luck. Scroll down below and know how to increase memory.

For laptops

If you are a laptop user then you should have a look at your bios settings and see if there is any setting for increasing the memory of intel HD graphics but most laptop manufacturers do not include this option in their bios but worry there is an option to increase it and that is increasing your ram means your laptop’s video memory is directly proportional to ram, if you increase your ram your graphics memory will also increase this also applies to mac users also and for increasing your graphics card’s performance you can-

  1. Use a faster ram. As the intel HD graphics is heavily dependent on your ram so installing a faster ram on your system will results in better gamming performance.
  2. Updating your graphics drivers to the latest version. Intel releases new drivers that fixes bugs and also they are well optimized for latest games.
  3. Overclock you intel HD graphics. It is not a good idea for laptops but it can increase your performance up to 30% but it is not recommended to do so.
  4. Install the latest patch available for the game. Not all games are well optimized so game making companies like Rockstar games releases patch to optimize their game to run smoothly on various hardware.

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For desktop.

If you are a desktop user you are lucky enough. Most desktop manufacturers or motherboard manufacturers give this feature to increase the graphics memory through bios. To increase it you can simply start your pc and enter your bios by pressing F2 or DEL. Head over to advance tab (if your bios don’t have it you can simply look over the bios settings and locate the option to increase the dedicated memory or shared memory). In advance tab click on shared memory or dedicated video memory and increase it but if you have less ram don’t increase it too much as it will affect your gamming performance because if you have 4GB ram and increased the video memory to 2GB then when playing game your graphics card will use 2Gb memory from ram and only 2GB ram will be left for the game to use. You can also do the same as written in the laptop section for increasing the gamming performance.

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