Install macOS Sierra on pc without having a mac

Many of us want to install macOS on their pc because they can’t afford a MacBook or it is too costly and we can get better specs than MacBooks at the same price level. In the internet there are so many guides about how to install macOS sierra on pc but most of them require a mac in which you have to create the installer USB but in my country India only 2 out of 10 people owns a mac and I don’t also have one, so yesterday I have successfully installed macOS sierra on my pc and also successfully booted up without having a MacBook. In this tutorial, I w, ll show you how to install macOS sierra on pc without having a mac successfully.

Update: Guide for installing latest macOs high sierra without having a MacBook is published, have a look at here

Step 1: Downloading the image file.

Hackintosh zone image

I have tried so many image files including the official dmg which suppose to work on pc but they won’t and I started searching the internet about an working image file which can work without a MacBook and I finally found it, the image file is niresh sierra which is a modified image of macOS sierra modded to work with Hackintosh PC’s. Download the hackintosh image from this link.

Step 2: Downloading and installing transmac.

After downloading the Niresh Sierra image you have to download another app called transmac from this link. Transmac is a paid app but you can use it for free up to 15 days but we want only for one hour! After successfully download install the app.

Step 3: Making the USB installer.


Plug in your USB device and open transmac. On transmac right click on your USB device and click ‘format disk for mac’ and after the format finishes again right click on USB and click ‘restore with disk image’ now sit back and relax it will take some time about 20-50 minutes depending on your machine and USB speed

Step 4: Configuring the clover

Configuring the clover

After it is restored successfully, this is the last step you have to do and your USB will be ready to install macOs on your PC. Now download these kexts:-



and then copy them to “EFI/EFI/Clover/kext/others/”. These kexts are essential to use the installer and successfully boot into macOS

Step 5: Configuring the BIOS.

Enter into the BIOS and turn off virtualization and secure boot. Change legacy to UEFI etc. Now kindly save it and restart.

Step 6: Booting into the macOS sierra installer.

Now the part comes where most of the people get stuck including me! At first plug in your USB where the installer is. A clover menu will load there click ‘boot form Hackintosh zone’ then the installer will load and if it get stuck on the verbose mode then you have definitely done something wrong while creating the USB and you have to start all over again or have to research on the internet about the error you are getting.

Step 7: Installing macOS Sierra

Assuming that you have successfully booted the installer you can now follow the steps to install MacOS sierra on your pc but at the end of the installation, you might get an error of not installed with error code 0 just ignore it.

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16 thoughts on “Install macOS Sierra on pc without having a mac

    • Yes. It will work with any Intel CPU including bay-trail CPUs, but the main problem is the graphics card. Most old Intel hd graphics is not supported. So If you are running a newer supported nvidia GPU everything will be fine.

    • delete all the files from USB/efi partition and reinstall clover. the issue should be solved. if you are on windows and unable to reinstall clover. i can provide you the files and you can copy paste it directly.

  1. can you tell me the steps what to do after making my pendrive bootable.. with high sierra.. according to my system how to edit config.plist file and which ktexts i have to use and edit with voodose on windows..means how to exact create config.plist file basis on my system..what to do exactly?

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