How to install macOS sierra on pc

MacOS sierra is currently the latest OS from apple. It has more features and offers more stability than its predecessors. But how to install macOS sierra on pc? This question arises on everyone’s mind because macOS is only made for apple macbook. MacOS is what most people want on their pc because for work like video editing, audio editing etc, it is better than windows and any other operating system and also MacOS sierra comes preloaded with basic softwares which means you don’t required to install them separately. In this guide we will use mac method means you require a mac to build a macOS installer which we will use to install macOS sierra on your pc. So let’s get started.

Building the installer

1. At first download the mac sierra for apple app store and after downloading “install macOS sierra’ will appear in applications.


2. After downloading macOS sierra head over to applications and open disk utility and select your usb drive and click erase.

3. Download the unibest software from here and open it, as it doesn’t required to install you can directly start making a bootable use drive for your mac.

4. Open unibest and click continue until os selection screen and then select sierra.

5. In “bootloader configuration” section select UEFI if your pc’s supports UEFI and if not then choose legacy.

6. After that in graphics configuration select one of them if your graphics card are one the them written in the description or select none and in the next screen click continue.

7. A screen will appear in which you have to enter your username and password.

Installing macOS sierra on your PC.

Step 1.Setting up your motherboard.

1. Restart the pc in which you want to install macOS sierra and enter your bios setup by pressing F2 or DEL.

2. In bios head over to boot.

3. In boot select boot list option and then select UFEI.

Also make changes to these:-

  1. Set SATA Controller Mode to AHCI
  2. Set OS Type to Other OS
  3. If your system support Secure Boot Mode, disable it
  4. If you have a six series or x58 system with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0
  5. Save and restart

Step 2. Booting into the usb installer.

Insert the usb drive you have made earlier using unibeast. After turning on your pc you will boot into clover menu after that select external. If this not happens correctly then you have to enter boot flag in order to install it or if you are facing another problem feel free to tell it on comments.

Step 3. Choose your language.

After successfully booting into the installer from the clover menu now you should enter a language page where you have to simply choose your native language and click continue.

Step 4. Creating partition for macOS.


To successfully install macOS on your pc you have to repartition your hard disk partition because mac doesn’t supports NTFS partition which you had earlier if you had windows install earlier.

1. To repartition it click on utilities on the top bar and select disk utility

2. Now head over to the erase window and in format select “OS X Extended (Journaled)” then click erase.

3. After it is done a message will appear then click done.

Step 5. Installing macOS.

  1. On the first installation screen click continue.
  2. Now click continue and agree the terms and conditions.
  3. On install macOS page select the partition you created recently and click continue.
  4. Wait for sometime to complete the installation from the USB drive to your hard disk and then click restart or it will automatically restart after 10 second.

Step 6. Booting into macOS sierra.

After successfully rebooting your pc, your pc should automatically boot into the USB dive and load the clover menu, if not then you have to manually load it via boot selection menu. After loading into clover menu click on HFS.

Step 7. Setting up macOS sierra

  1. Choose your country and click continue.
  2. Choose your keyboard layout and click continue.
  3. Select on a method to transfer information and click continue.
  4. Select enable location service and click continue.
  5. Sign in with your apple ID.
  6. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Fill the user account information.
  8. In diagnostics & usage screen click continue.
  9. Wait for some time as it sets up your mac, it may take a little time to setting up.

Done! you have successfully installed macOS sierra on your pc. For any queries please comment bellow.

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