Android vs iOS which is better?

In the current generation the smartphones has replaced so many things of ours and slowly slowly it is going to replace our computers also. In computers we have multiple operating system to choose according to ore needs but when it comes to smartphones we have only 2 choice left android and iOS. Both offers some same features and some are only specific to each operating system. In this article I have written which operating is best according to your needs.



Android O

Android is an open source operating system developed by google, because it is open source it is available in an wide range of smartphones so many companies manufacture android devices and sell them with different price tag and various hardware, some of them are available as low as RS 3000. It offers various features and also android is said the king of customization and you can use or make it according to your need. There is also so many apps are available for android. The biggest problem in android is its instability. While it being open sourced all the OEM take it from google and according to their taste they modify it and implement it to their smartphones so for the app developers it is not possible to optimize their app for every smartphone and application runs fine on  some devices and on some devices it even wont start. The another problem most users face is not receiving newer version updates, android smartphone manufacturers release 5-6 smartphones every year so the smartphones released previous year are likely to not get the latest version update and security updates.



iOS 10

It is an closed sourced operating system that is developed by apple and only to use in apple iphones and ipads. It offers great stability and has slightly bigger apps library than android and apps that are developed to work in ios are likely not to crash when compared to android but almost no customization not even an home launcher. If you have an mac then its synchronization with mac is very good. Apple takes very good care of their customers when it releases a new update for its smartphones then it is released to all the phone even the very old ones like the Iphone 4s. But the main problem is its availability unlike android which is available in so many price tag, IOS  is only available in apple iphones and ipads so if you want Ios and have a budget of RS 2000 then you can only get the low end ones only but in android you can get high-end specs smartphones like the mi 5 with sd820.



Android offers almost same features as ios with very high customisation and now all the app that are available for IOS are available for android also, when it is comes to stability of cource IOS is more stable than android but android is also becoming very stable with every updates and unless you are an apple fan or stability is everything you want then you should choose android because it offers smartphones of various price range and are also low priced then Iphones

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