Make your android smartphone great with these mods.

Android is the most used operating system in smartphone. It has a very app library, being smarter day by day and have very good options for customizations. Android OS is already has so many features built into it but there are many third party developers who makes custom mods for android to make it better then ever. These mods are made in such a way that they increases your device’s performance, stability, audio quality, adds new features and also extends your device customization.

You might be thinking “what are these mods and how they work?”. Mods are nothing but a short form of modification. There are various mods in different format like some are apk files some are .so files etc. Some make their own apk mod and some take files from google and modify it. So lets start our list

  1. A.R.I.S.E sound system

A.R.I.S.E stand for Auditory Research in Sound Enhancement. It is an sound mod developed by a group of developers. It is in first in our list because music has an very strong impact in our life, it can make us happy, sad, angry etc. A.R.I.S.E is not a single mod it consist of several audio mods like viper4androi, dolby digital, dolby atmos, AM3D ZIRENE® module etc, you can choose what mods you want to install. After installing this you will say “I should have install it earlier” because it will bring a whole new audio experience to your device.

  1. Xposed

Actually this is not an mod but I am adding this to my list because it gives lives to a whole new world of mods. With it you can enjoy custom roms features without installing it, extend your customization, extend your security etc. it is an framework which gives xposed modules ability to work. Currently the official version of exposed is available till android marshmallow, due to some major changes in nougat the official version is yet to release but android nougat users can install the unofficial version by Purify OS and enjoy your favourite xposed modules.

  1. Gravity box

Gravity box is an module which works under xposed. It has a tons of features like changing battery icon, status bar icons, nav bar tweaks, pie control, several fixes for your android device and allows you to customize your device as you like. Currently gravity box is available from android 4.2 to android 6.0. Due to lack of exposed in android nougat it is not available but very soon we will see gravity box for android nougat because official xposed is going to be released soon.

  1. Ads block

This is a really cool mod you can use in your android phone. As an website owner I don’t have to say this because most websites runs on the revenue generated by ads but Ads are really annoying when they starts poping up in websites, watching videos etc. Ads block is a small mod that requires root to runs but it is very useful because it will block all the ads if you are using a browser that it supports. There is one which uses xposed to work, it will always run in background but both will work same.

  1. Kernel auditor


If you are an advance android user then your might be familiar with kernel auditor. It is really useful if you want to get maximum performance out of your hardware. It contains lot of tweaks like it can change cpu and gpu frequency, turn off cpu cores, I/O scheduler and much more. If you install a custom kernel and use kernel auditor along it then you can enjoy features like overclock, thermal management but only if the custom kernel you installed supports it.

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