Top 3 android apps that drains battery.

Android apps are the major components of android without it our android smartphones are just a phone which can make call and send and receive SMS. Do you know that these android apps are also responsible for draining your battery? but it is not possible to remove all the apps from our phone because if we remove all the apps from our smartphone how the smartphone will work and what will be left in our smartphone but we can remove those apps which drains outs most of the battery. In this list I have listed the apps which drains the battery and after removing them my battery life has been improved 50%.

1. Facebook

Facebook is the app which is used by billions and the top battery eater. The Facebook app is pretty huge which consumes battery and data also. It runs continuously in the background and drains your battery and even heats ups your device, instead of it you can use Facebook lite which uses less data and less battery but I would recommend you to always open Facebook in browser which uses very less battery and you can also create shortcut of Facebook on chrome. So consider removing the app and use the Facebook lite or use any web browser.

2. Google play service.

Google play service is an essential system app required by other google app. It comes preloaded in almost every android phone. But it is second highest battery eater after Facebook, it along eats 21% of my phones battery. you might be thinking that removing google play services will results in not running the google apps properly which requires it, but that’s not true instead of google play services you can install MicroG GSMcore which works same as play services but very lightweight and drains almost no battery. There are also other xposed modules for android marshmallow and bellow which fulfils the needs of google play services.

MicroG GSMcore- Visit

3. Facebook messenger.

Facebook messenger is the 3rd party app which is used by billions of android users. Along with the Facebook app it also runs continuously in the background which results in battery draning and device heating. The Facebook messenger is compulsory if you want to use the Facebook app. As I said above you can replace the Facebook app by Facebook lite, you can also replace the Facebook messenger by Facebook lite. The Facebook lite works as an news feed reader and messenger also or use any web browser instead.


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