Top 5 android launchers 2017

Android is the king of customization it and allows you to change every aspect of the system that you don’t like. But most of them requires a little knowledge of coding in order to change it. But only changing the home launcher doesn’t requires a bit of can be changed easily and also after changing the launcher it feels like a new phone. Not all the launchers are same and give the same experience, some are very ugly but some are very beautiful. In this article we have prepared a list of the best home launchers released till now.

  1. Arrow launcher.

Arrow launcher is developed by Microsoft and right now on the play store it is the most unique and has very useful features. It looks is like stock android launcher but its features are very unique. It provides a search menu in the home page itself and is very useful, it contains recent photos, calls, messages, frequent apps etc. it is like google now page in the google now or pixel launcher. It also has an expandable dock which opens b pulling it upwards, it is important if you use so many apps and want quick access to them, the dock also has useful shortcuts to Wi-Fi, torch, aeroplane mode etc. In 2017 it is worth giving it a try.

  1. Nova launcher.

Nova launcher is like stock experience launcher but the features it have makes it unique. If your android version is below 7.1.1 means you cannot use the app shortcuts by simply holding the app, but this launcher makes this possible even in android lollipop also. By default it comes with stock preview but if you want to make it pixel launcher look alike then it is also possible. It also has the ability to change the icon pack. Install it a feel a new and upgraded android experience.

  1. Go launcher.

Wanna try something new? try Go launcher. It has its own theme centre so you don’t have to open play store and search a launcher compatible theme it also has an app store alternative to play store if you are having problem with the play store then it will be a very good option. The android launcher has built in app lock, it is an quite useful feature because most of us downloads a 3rd party application to lock apps and with the built in app the we can get very good service because the launcher will be already running and it will lock the apps as soon as it opens.

4. Google now launcher.

Now the credit goes to google itself for developing google now launcher, it comes preloaded with most of the android phones. It has the stock look and looks very good. unlike the other launchers which offers so many great and unique features the google now launcher doesn’t provides or offers any type of features. It has an google now menu which is very helpful to find information as it always displays the weather, routing to work or to home and also provides news that you are interested in.

5. C launcher.

Here it comes the all in one launcher! It offers various tools to free ram, clean storage, save battery. I have to say that it is very fast as compared to other launchers which provides such functionality. The feature I most liked about it is its DIY themer which allows you to create your own theme and save it for further use. It has 3D effects which can be applied to the home screen. It also provides an interesting feature which most launchers don’t is lock screen, the lock screen replaces your stock lock screen and gives you a new experience without  downloading a 3rd party lock screen app.

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