Top 5 high graphics android games of 2017

With the upgrading specs in the new android devices it will be no less than a pc in upcoming years. The latest adreno 405 gpu from qualcomm is enough powerfull that it can handle the game that were made for pc before 2012. But in android the games not that high graphics like on pc but there are some high demanding graphics games made for android that can utilize your 100% of your gpu. Some of these games that are listed here are very high demanding graphics games which might not run well on some devices or maybe not run completely.

1. Assassins creed identity.

It is a well known game series on pc devloped by ubisoft. It is first in my list because graphics of the game modern realistic and looks like a pc game. As it is a RPG game the gameplay is amazing. There are random missions and also has an story to complete. The game is not free to download and play you have to buy it from play store for RS 300.

Note: This game has GPU identification and adjust the graphics according to you GPU but if you want full graphics you can simply use gltools from playstore.

2. Eisenhorn: Xenos.

Eisenhorn: Xenos is a very high graphics android game pixel hero games. It is a action adventure game based on the book ” Eisenhorn”. The story of the game is pretty large and very intersting to play. As it a action game it features sword, weapons and psychological influence to battle with the enemies. As written in the description of the game in play store that it will only run otimailly with latest android phones, when playing in older devices you may experience a huge frame drops.

3. Asphalt 8.

Another well known android racing game developed by Gameloft. It has been downloaded 100 millions time from the playstore. The game graphics is excellent. It has 140+ official cars to choose along with 400+ carrier events and 1500 car mastery challenges. A good amount of horsepower should be available on your phone to run the game at high FPS and without any frame drops.

4. Tomb raider.

Tomb raider 2013 which was released for pc now is also avaliable for android. The graphics of the game is like realistic. It a very big game which requires 5.5Gb of storage. The game has is single player and story mode in which lara croft explores a mysterious island and battles with enemies for her survival. The game is available for free to download but not for all phones and tablets, it is only available for tablets and android tv with nvidia graphics. However you can download it from the internet and spoof your gpu as nvidia using gltools.

5. Modern combat 5.

It is on the last on my list but don’t think that the graphics is not that good, it is very high and looks like playing modern pc game. It is a very famous FPS game it has 50 millions downloads. The game provides single mode as well as multiplayer mode also. It offers so many weapons to choose and let it customize and upgrades.

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