What is tor and how to use it in android

In this modern world everyone is under spy, yes you are also under spy. When you are browsing internet from your phone, laptop or pc many people even google are spying and tracking your, they are getting details about the websites you visit, who are you, where are you and activities you are doing over the internet. to get rid of this there is one software avaliable for pc which configures your browser to use Tor but there is now software avaliable for android that configures the browser that you are using right now to use TOR but this doesnt mean that you cannot use TOR on android. in this tutorial i will explain the steps that are required to use TOR on android so lets begin with some FAQ.


What is tor?

TOR stands for “The onion router” it is a free software that enables anonymous communications. It is developed and maintained by The tor project inc. the main work of TOR is to encrypt your data and send then through their servers it also hides your IP address but sending different different signals to the trackers or website that you are viewing.

Why use tor?

The main reason of using TOR is safety as I said above it encrypts your data and sends tham through their servers and hides your identity. For example you are sitting in an metro station and waiting using free WIFI. The content that you sending through that free WIFI is visible to everyone using the free WIFi and also the tracker behind you will also know that you are sitting on that metro station. So why exposing your content and location to public?

Is it legal to use TOR?

As many people think that hiding your identity is a crime but that is not true hiding your identity from public or using TOR is not a crime unless you are doing some illegal work using TOR.

In order to install and configure tor in your android phone follow these steps:-

1. Open play store and search for orbot and install it.
2. Open orbot for your app drawer.
simply tap start.

3. Again open play store and search for orfox and install it.
4. After installing orfox it should be automatically configured with orbot to use tor.
If you want to use tor with any other apps or bowser if have to enable vpn mode in orbot menu and select the apps that you want to use with tor but it is an experimental feature and can cause instability.

Tip: You can reset your whole identity by opening the orbot app and swiping the onion right or left.

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