Which is more secure Android or iOS?

Android and iOS are the most widely used smartphone operating system in all over the world. Both of them have advantages as well as drawbacks. When buying a smartphone, the most important thing you should check at first is its security. Most people underestimate it but it is very important because if the smartphone security is compromised then hackers can easily steal their bank account details or any other personal details and misuse them. In terms of security All the Apple IPhone are same except the very old ones but it not the same in android devices. The bitter truth is that the older the device is the weaker the device’s security is! Because smartphone companies only provide update to their smartphones for only 2-3 years and after that it is very rare that you will see any update.

Malwares in Android vs iOS.

Malwares are dangerous because they can cause serve damage to your smartphone which results in malfunctioning and also steals your private data and sells it. Both iPhone and android are vulnerable to malwares. Android is more vulnerable to malware then iOS the reason is that android is opened source while iOS is closed source and also the percentage of people using android is more than the people using iOS. So as it is used by more peoples more viruses are made for android as compared to iOS, but it doesn’t mean that iOS devices don’t get affected, it does get affected but in less amount than android.

Do I need to buy antivirus? Android vs iOS

NO, you don’t need any paid antivirus in iOS nor in android because the malwares are injected in apps so if you install apps from their official store then there is no chance of getting malwares in your device weather it is android or iOS. Android and iOS being a sandboxed operating system even if you get affected by a malware it cannot get control over the device unless you gave it root permission in android or you have jailbreak in iOS which breaks the sandboxing. So unless you want the features offered by a paid antivirus there is no need to buy one, a free antivirus will do the job even any antivirus is not required if you don’t install apps from any other sources.

Security Updates. Android vs iOS

Security Updates are important in android as well as iOS devices because every update contains some code which is not written correctly and they are called loophole. These allows the hacker or malware maker easy to infect your device and there is not one loophole there are many. But the good thing is that these loopholes are not easy to find, it requires a lot of time to find these loopholes and until the hacker find it security updates fixes them.

Apple is a step ahead then other smartphone manufacturers because it gives security updates to all its devices but it is not same for companies like Samsung, LG, Xiaomi etc. The reason is Apple have only few iPhones so it is easy for them to provide security updates to their devices but in other hand companies like Samsung and other smartphones, companies releases new smartphone every next month so it is very difficult for them to provide security update for all their smartphones.


Version distribution. Android vs iOS

As you can see in the above graph, the percentage of latest version distribution of iOS which is iOS 11 is much more than Android Oreo. Currently, there are 46.55 android users that are running Android Lollipop and lower versions, this is very big when compared to iOS, this is because android smartphone manufacturers provide software updates only up to 2-3 years from the date of launch of the smartphones. Running an old version means the device is more vulnerable to virus attacks. Android smartphone manufacturers except google are already known for giving late updates whereas apple releases updates in time.


As you can see above, in most cases iOS have an edge from android whereas in some android has an edge from iOS. If you are more worried about your device security and doesn’t want to compromise anything then I would recommend you to go for iPhones instead of Android phones. But Android is not far behind than iPhones and in upcoming years both will be same in terms of security.

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