Wine 3.0 for android allows you to run windows apps on your phone

Wine compatibility layer 3.0 for Linux has been released, it is compiled as an apk to work on android devices by codeweavers. If you are a Linux user you might know what wine is, but if you don’t then wine is a compatibility layer first released for Linux to run windows applications by creating a windows environment on it.


Download the latest compiled wine 3.0 apk from here and install it. Wine for android is in early stage right now. Although the stable version is released it is reported that it is not working on some devices while others reported to be working fine.


Because of the x86 environment in windows, wine 3.0 works best with devices occupied with an x86 soc and with arm processor you can only run apps those who are available for windows RT  The XDA developers has prepared a list in which they have listed the devices in which wine is working well.

Currently you might not get very good user experience with wine. The on-screen keyboard doesn’t popup some times when tapped on empty boxes and command prompt, as it provides only basic graphics support direct3d is not supported so the games requires it will not run.  It provides a full screen windows desktop with old classic windows 2000 look.

You can give it a try and see how well it works on your device.

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